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SY Home Appliance (H/A) STEEL is specialized pre-painted steel for household appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, microwave ovens, and water heaters, etc.

SY H/A is manufactured on modern lines (PCM, VCM) combined with embossing (Leather style) technology to bring perfect products to customers.

PCM for H/A is coated by a high-grade paint resin specialized for home appliance products. PCM for H/A is applied to the side of refrigerators, washing machines, TV backs, water heaters, microwave ovens, etc.

VCM for H/A is laminated steel. SYSTEEL VINA applies laminate film with glues to the steel surface. That is not coated with paint resin. VCM for H/A steel is applied to refrigerator doors, and washing machine doors, etc. With unique and highly aesthetic motifs, VCM H/A steel of SYSTEEL VINA is always the first choice of all customers.

SY HOME APPLIANCES STEEL can be processed into steel sheets through SSL lines with a variety of sizes according to customer requirements. Through high-tech cutting techniques and modern machinery lines, SYSTEEL VINA is committed to providing steel by sheet that meets the requirements of customers up to every millimeter.

Understanding that home appliance products are in closest contact people, home appliance products from SYSTEEL VINA are always guaranteed high standards, fulfilled complex technical requirements as well as absolute safety quality with ROHS and MSDS certificates that are constantly updated.

SY HOME APPLIANCES STEEL are user-friendly and environmentally durable, durable with time. SYSTEEL VINA is extremely proud to become one of the companies contributing to providing pre-painted steel sheets for household goods throughout Vietnam and around the world. We are currently a supplier of KOREAN COLOR COATED STEEL SHEET to major partners around the world in the field of manufacturing household products such as LG, SAMSUNG, FOXCON, WALTON, etc.

Not stopping there, SYSTEEL VINA is not only striving to develop and improve our products to become a leading supplier worthy of the expectations and trust of current customers but also spreading this value to win potential customers in the future.

SYSTEEL VINA has obtained ISO9001 and ISO14000 certificate of quality control and environmental management system. The production processes are systematized according to ISO 9001 standard, making production not only efficient on time but also improving product quality. We also satisfy requirements for achieving and maintaining environmentally sound standards of doing business.