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Sandwich panel is gradually replacing traditional building materials. With the advantages of fast construction, safe installation, and optimal cost, customers trust this modern material. In addition, sandwich panels meet the needs of new construction of industrial parks, cold rooms, modern office buildings.
Attractive panels need to have fine color steel. SY Group with 20 years of experience in the field of manufacturing and distributing panels and is currently the leading architectural material corporation in Korea. As a subsidiary of the group, SYSTEEL VINA promises to be the leading unit in the field of supplying high quality pre-painted metal for panels. We join hands to create a safe, competitively priced sandwich panel, helping to improve the quality of living space and upgrade the construction market in Vietnam.

SY PANEL PRO is a professional pre-painted steel for sandwich panel applications.

1. SY HERITAGE back coating technology- the quintessence of SY technology.

The unique back coating has a special design that we call SY HERITAGE, inherited from the quintessence of SY Group, which performs excellent adhesion property with any insulators such as: EPS, Wools, PU, PIR, etc.

Besides, this special technology is adapted to continuous and dis-continuous sandwich panel production lines.

2. High-quality pre-painted steel, high perfection.

SY PANEL PRO is a first-class product, creating absolute aesthetics for the project thanks to its absolute flatness. The quality is uniform, ensuring the uniformity of the project. Reduce unnecessary losses.

3. Steel grade selection G350-G550, flexible for panel application.

Standard steel grade G350 is perfect for realizing unique forming and stamping. Can be embossed Leather style which is exclusive from SY.
Steel grade G550 helps to strengthen sandwich panels.

4. Beautiful and high durability pre-painted steel for the panel

Long-lasting coating system combination with perfect gloss appearance can cover minor surface defects and perform attractive visual effects.
SYSTEEL VINA offers a wide choice of RMP, SMP, PVDF coating systems for sandwich panel applications.

RMP standard coating system offers up to 5-year warranty for color fading and peel off*

SMP coating system performs good stamping and excellent weather resistance. Premium durability formula that offers warranty for fading and peeling up to 10 years*

Ultimate PVDF Champion coating system with excellent weather resistance and chemical resistance. SY PANEL PRO CHAMPION offers warranty for fading and peeling up to 20 years.

* Warranty terms and conditions apply





SYSTEEL VINA has obtained ISO9001 and ISO14000 certificate of quality control and environmental management system. The production processes are systematized according to ISO 9001 standard, making production not only efficient on time but also improving product quality. We also satisfy requirements for achieving and maintaining environmentally sound standards of doing business.